14 Housing Tips For Canaries

  1. If you decide that a Canary is the right bird for you, make sure to buy the largest cage possible for your new pet.
  2. Canaries must be allowed to fly to maintain their health and happiness, and a large flight cage provides the space and security that they need.
  3. Never clip a Canary’s wings!
  4. “Flight” type cages are the best (home built or commercial) since they are designed to provide room for your bird to move about freely, both to maintain its health and to exercise.
  5. When choosing which cage, remember that a long cage is better than a tall narrow one. In fact, height is not that important; length is best to allow more natural flight.
  6. Try to get a cage at least 24 inches long, with spacing between the bars no more than ½ inch. Wire cages are best, as wood and bamboo cages are too difficult to keep clean.
  7. The temperature near the cage should be kept at room temperature. The canaries are pretty hardy, so will be comfortable if you are comfortable.
  8. However, keep the cage away from drafts, air conditioners and windows that receive direct sunlight, as temperature extremes can be harmful to your bird.
  9. The canaries, like most birds, need their rest and will do best if given a light/dark (which simulates day and night) cycle that approximates natural changes.
  10. Keeping them up late with artificial light is not healthy for them. It’s best to cover the canary’s cage at night, at the time the sun goes down.
  11. Perches are an important addition to your canary’s cage.
  12. Choose perches that are smooth, but slightly irregular, so it is more comfortable for your bird and easier to grip.
  13. Do not use sandpaper perch covers if housing a canary. When providing toys for your bird, remember to place them in the cage in such a way that they do not obstruct flight space.
  14. Your canary might enjoy swings, mirrors, bells and hanging wooden or acrylic toys.

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VIDEO: How To Care For Canary Birds


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