Dear Vet, Get another view of Problematic Clients


Dear Vet, Get another view of Problematic Clients

Problem clients? Lucky you!

You may find this hard to believe, but the best thing problematic clients can do for you (and your business) is to complain about their dissatisfaction.



Because if they don’t complain, chances are they will simply go to your competition the next time they need the products or services you sell.

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And will you like this?


Worse yet, they will start to tell friends, family and co-workers about their bad experience in dealing with you, scaring away other potential clients and eroding your carefully cultivated vet practice efforts.

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Clients who do complain, and who have their problems solved, are much more likely to come back and patronize your business again and again.

And please note that those clients who find their problems resolved quickly are the most likely to come back.

Celebrate your problematic clients from now on!


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