Top pet health advice interview with DR MOSES CHAPI Part 1


Top pet health advice interview with DR MOSES CHAPI Part 1

WORLD PETS CENTRE: Tell us about your experience in the Veterinary Practice so far? 


MOSES CHAPI: BARRY VET started in 1993, but we fully started in January 1994. I went to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

I wanted to read Medicine, but when I put in for medicine, I was not successful in it but Vet Medicine was my second choice so I went for Vet Medicine. Then the following year I also applied for medicine but it was the same. I realized that I found the course interesting and found out that medicine is universal whether human medicine or veterinary medicine. The basic principle of medicine is the same.

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So I continued with vet medicine.


We have a lot of experience in this practice like getting to know a lot of people. We also learn to appreciate human beings more. I have learnt to appreciate people and be more patient with everybody knowing that people don’t have the same temperament and strength of character. It makes me imbibe patience.

WORLD PETS CENTRE: In your own view what are the three TOP PET HEALTH ADVICE you can give to pet owners?

DR. MOSES CHAPI: Before you get a pet, prepare yourself for it. Prepare yourself psychologically, emotionally and financially because it is not just enough for you to keep a pet in the house, you have to devote time for it, care for it, make up your mind before you have a pet and give all it takes to keep it healthy.


We find out that some people’s houses are invaded by ticks; some times people don’t know this on time. They start knowing this when they start seeing ticks on the wall by then they will be aware that their pets are infected. So it takes a lot of effort to keep a pet. If you can take care of yourself and siblings you have to make time for your pet. If you don’t have the time then there is no point having one.

You must be financially prepared, psychologically prepared and emotionally prepared to own a pet.

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