Dear Vet, See what I did as a Youth Corper in 1987 and the lessons


Dear Vet, See what I did as a Youth Corper in 1987 and the lessons

I was in my early twenties when I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Nigeria and full of raging fire to make my mark in whatever way I can legitimately.


According to my deep desire, I was posted to the FCT Abuja for my youth service. Immediately I settled down, I began to tinker with a lot of ideas to make additional money.

There had to be a way!

First of all, I noticed that the main city where I lived was well organized with different flats as residence. Quickly I bought some basic pet drugs and started moving round different neighbourhoods to introduce myself as a vet who can handle their pets.

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Of course, I got some retainers through this strategy. And you all know that making money with small animal practice can be cheaply done than when you are handling large animal practice.

A small bottle of antibiotics with basic dewormers can earn you several thousands of naira if you really know what you are doing. But you can’t try this with large animal practice! I bet you know why…

I started making money. I simply was shameless and maniacally persistent…

To be continued…


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