Dear Vet, See what I did as a Youth Corper in 1987 and the lessons Part 2


Dear Vet, See what I did as a Youth Corper in 1987 and the lessons Part 2

As a Youth Corper, I was very energetic and was willing to do whatever it will take to make my mark and make good money.


The confidence I had in treating small animals came largely from the times I spent with a notable vet, Dr Bankole (sadly, now late) at Magma Ibadan. I always advocate that students should do everything possible to use their holidays with good veterinary establishments. It pays and will always pay.

I was still restless, I knew I could still make more money than I was making with the small animal practice. I ventured into selling puppies by traveling all the way to Ibadan to get puppies for interested prospects.

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Still restless , I went to the living quarters of Julius Berger construction company to meet the medical doctor there. I smartly discussed with him that he should tell his people to bring their pets to their hospital every Saturday and I will come and attend to them. He welcomed the idea!

You know what? My first case was to spay a cat! I was very good in surgery. I quickly checked my notes. I was especially particular about the anaesthesia. You know cats are small. A little mistake or carelessness and the cat will sleep off forever.

I pulled this through and the cases started coming. Dogs. Horses. It was very exciting and rewarding.

I still believe that all these opportunities are available today for young vets. You only have to do certain things.

1. Get passionate
2. Get excited
3. Get challenged
4. Get going no matter what
5. Get organized

To be continued…


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