Dear Vet, See Why This Is Your Time!


Dear Vet, See Why This Is Your Time!


There are so many challenges in the business world today, but certain professionals are never at a disadvantage.

The veterinarians are never at a disadvantage! But not to be at a disadvantage. You have to brace up and get smart!

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How to get smart?


1. Know your craft. Which area of veterinary practice do you love to be? Remember always that your certificate is a whole lot of permissions for you. Do not wait for any body or authority to give you permission. Choose yourself and get going! Personally, I don’t wait for anyone or any body to give me permission. Never!

2. Stay focused. You can’t get anywhere worthwhile in life without focus. Stay focused on your chosen path. I have remained focused on providing quality information to farmers for over 15 years and I am making a great livelihood out of this.

3. Be ethical. No matter what you do, let integrity be your watchword. Do not be tempted to take unnecessary or foolish shortcuts. This is very important!

4. Be shamelessly persistent. See, no one really cares whether you make it or not. But you care. It’s all about you. Forget about ego issues and get dirty on the job and make the money. Ask all those who are crying wolf about standards today how they started. Begin somewhere and work your way up. You can do it. Never be shameless of humble beginnings. We all started that way.

You will succeed!

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