Dear Vet, You have limitless opportunities if you can dare Part 1


Dear Vet, You have limitless opportunities if you can dare Part 1



Like most people who studied veterinary medicine, I initially wanted to study human medicine. But I am so glad today that I eventually studied veterinary medicine! First of all, I hate being on one spot, sitting all day to attend to patients. And then I love the adventure of being a businessperson who moves from one place to the other and also have time to sit and do creative things. All these I have found being a veterinarian.

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I started my career as a sales representative in a multinational company. This was a great privilege for me! And I am ever appreciative of this golden opportunity as it really opened my eyes to the possibilities in veterinary medicine. I still consider a sales representative job as one of the best jobs that a veterinarian could have because it will expose you to so many possibilities.

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There is the possibility of traveling from one place to the other and meeting different people everyday. There is the possibility of being a public speaker, persuading groups to use your products through group detailing. There is the possibility of helping farmers to understand farming and grow their businesses. There is the possibility of diagnosing diseases and even going ahead to treat.


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So many possibilities! And I really explored so many of them in the last 34 years of being a veterinarian…


To be continued…

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