How Pets Can Help You Cope With Stress Part 2


How Pets Can Help You Cope With Stress Part 2


Allen and her colleagues argued that pets are often effective buffers against stress because they are nonevaluative. Pets don’t make value judgements about their caretakers. Your dog or cat doesn’t care one bit about how well you’re doing on some math task, but your close human friend might.

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A friend’s expectations can place added pressure on you as you perform an already stressful task. A woman who participated in the study by Allen and her colleagues put it this way: “pets never withhold their love; they never go out looking for new owners.”

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Another woman offered the following: “Whereas husbands may come and go, and children may grow up and leave home, a dog is forever”.

Everyone may not share the opinion of these women, nor do you need to hold these strong views to appreciate the value of pet companionship. The data simply indicates that pets can be an important part of your social network and as such can help cope with stress.



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