Dear Vet, Expose Yourself!


Dear Vet, Expose Yourself!

I recently posted a recurring news item on one of the veterinarians’ platforms and someone commented that such postings are not professional. I laugh! This is the problem with many veterinarians. They are so narrow minded and thereby missing many opportunities to positively impact the society.


In this age, you have to really branch out and explore different industries in order to make impact as a professional. Imagine a vet who belongs to 3 online platforms and all the three are occupied by veterinarians like him! That’s all. Tell me, how is he going to impact his society with his profession???

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Dear Vet, you need to expose yourself to the world around you and know what is going on. You need to be more and more informed. You need to stop fishing from only your pond and forage into other ponds.


You need to forget linear growth and reach out for exponential growth!

You need to branch out! Period.

You need to find ways to collaborate with those outside your industry. You need to collaborate with others. You need to read the news. You need to join other platforms that are totally different from your profession. You need to learn and unlearn and relearn!

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Unless you expose yourself and explore, you can never make much impact in any profession in today’s world.




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