7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companions (Part 2)


5. Relatively Inexpensive to Feed
The biggest birds eat only a very small volume of food per day relative to other pets, and even the highest quality bird foods and fresh produce are mainly plant-based foods that are much less expensive pound for pound than the protein-packed products required for dogs and cats.

It’s important to provide pet birds with a high-quality diet of pelleted food, seed foods, and pre-washed fresh produce. Yet they will benefit tremendously from the mealtime foods their owners share.


Whenever you serve fresh fruits or vegetables in your home, just set a tiny portion aside for your bird’s meal so that you all can eat together as a flock. In this way, you’ll never over-prepare food your bird might reject and waste.

Your bird will love the end pieces you would normally cut from vegetables and fruits from the refrigerator. Put the usually discarded raw bits to good use in your bird’s dish; they’ll provide added nutrients and variety. Just make sure that the foods you share are safe and not toxic to birds.

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6. Thrive in Small Living Spaces
Small bird species, such as budgies, canaries, and finches, are good options for people who live in apartments or condominiums with limited space. While larger pets require extra room to romp and play, a small bird’s cage can easily fit into a cosier living space.


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Landlords often impose monthly “pet fees” on tenants who own cats and dogs, but many don’t consider birds as pets. While you’ll need to read the fine print of your lease, a bird can be an economical choice for renters who wish to adopt a pet without paying extra for the privilege.

In close quarters, be aware of the potential sound level of the birds you might bring into a home with other residents close by. If neighbours get disrupted by the sounds your bird makes at odd hours, you could potentially get an unwanted call from your landlord.

7. Long-Lived Companions
Those who have lost a longtime pet are sometimes reluctant to go through the experience again, especially if children are involved.

Many bird species live long lives, some more than 100 years. This often eases the concerns of people who want to make sure they adopt a pet they can love and enjoy for a very long time.

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