8 questions to ask the breeder when buying a puppy


Here are some questions you can ask a breeder you are considering buying a pup from:

1. How long have you been breeding dogs? Good breeders have been doing it for a while or, if they are just starting out, are involved with other, more experienced breeders.
2. Are the puppies socialized to unfamiliar sounds and people? A well-bred and socialized pup will be more relaxed, less of a chewer, and more accepting of everyday occurrences.
3. Can I meet both parents? When you visit the breeder, insist on meeting the mother dog and, if possible, the father dog. Their personalities leave their mark.
4. Is the purchase of the puppy guaranteed against health or behavioural defects? Good breeders stand behind their pups.
5. Are you willing to take the dog back? A good breeder loves the puppies as much as you do and will welcome them back if it doesn’t work for you.
6. Have the parents been certified clear of genetic defects inherent to the breed? You can ask your veterinarian what to look for.
7. Do you temperament test the litter? If the answer is no, perform your own temperament test before you select a puppy. If the breeder objects, chances are, you don’t want to do business with this person anyway.
8. Do you stress conformation or temperament in your breeding lines? Temperament is the keyword while you are searching for your puppy.


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