8 Top Friendly Pet Bird Species (Part 2)


5. Dove
You might not immediately think of a dove as a friendly pet bird, but domesticated, hand-fed doves are known to be extremely sweet and gentle. These birds rarely bite, and even people with limited bird experience generally find it easy to train and bond with doves. They enjoy their caretakers’ companionship but usually won’t be overly demanding of attention.



6. Parrotlet
Spunky and relatively easy to care for, parrotlets are known for having personalities much larger than their tiny bodies. Those considering parrotlets must have plenty of time to play and socialize with their pets, as these birds can become a little wild without regular handling. But people who interact with their parrotlets every day are usually able to form strong bonds with these comical little birds.

7. Green-Cheeked Conure
Hailing from South America, green-cheeked conures thrive on spending time socializing with their caretakers. By nature, they are intelligent, playful, and slightly mischievous birds. But compared to other conure species, they tend to be quieter and more easygoing. They usually don’t learn to talk, but their charming personalities are more than enough to make them entertaining and engaging companions.

8. Hahn’s Macaw
Also native to South America, Hahn’s macaws are the smallest macaws. But they pack a lot of personality into their compact bodies. They are intelligent and playful birds that tend to be gentle when properly socialized and handled. These macaws prefer to spend as much time interacting with their caretakers as possible and might become depressed if they feel ignored. They also can be rather noisy, though some do learn to talk quite well.

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