10 Reasons to Keep Your Dog Leashed (Part 1)


Fenced backyards and leash-free dog parks provide space for dogs to run wild and let out their inner racehorses. But on the street and other public places, it’s safer to keep them leashed. Here’s why:

1. Cars – It’s a devastating moment for all involved when a dog gets hit by a moving vehicle. Even well-behaved dogs may suddenly run in the path of a moving car or not be seen by someone backing up in a parking lot. Parking lots, sidewalks, and roadside excursions are safer with a leash.


2. Greetings and Salutations – When your pup is leashed and greets another leashed pup, the dogs are usually on good behaviour. They know their people are close, and they’ll sniff to say “hi.” If there’s a hint of aggression, you can quickly pull your dog away and defuse the situation.

3. Staying Cleaner – If you’ve ever let your dog run loose in a park or other open space, they sometimes run into mud puddles or rollover in wet grass. No one really wants the extra chore of spontaneous bath time.

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4. Preventing Jumping on Others – Many dogs, even docile, well-behaved ones, could randomly jump on a stranger in excitement or a mistaken invitation to play. Many times, it’s not that the dog is trying to scare the individual, however, it is much safer for both your pet and strangers alike if your dog is always leashed.


5. Loss Prevention – Dogs who accompany their people on leashes are less likely to get lost. For example, you can stop your dog from chasing after a car. They won’t go on solo exploratory missions, and you’ll know exactly where they are and what they’re doing.

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