10 Reasons to Keep Your Dog Leashed (Part 2)


Prevents unwanted food from their diets
Garbage and refuse can be avoided from your dog’s diet if they are kept on a leash.  We all are aware that dogs can be very food-oriented, and unfortunately not every food they see is good for them. Eating things they shouldn’t leads to upset stomachs and even disease.

Prevents unwanted pregnancy/puppies
Not every animal is spayed or neutered, and so, if an unleashed dog gets out of the house and meets up with another animal in heat, you may be having to make arrangements with the vet concerning birthing new puppies!


Prevents the Spread of Disease
Just like we said in point 6, dogs are very food-oriented and love to explore things with their mouths. Some dogs like to eat other animals’ leftovers and even faeces. these things have a high probability of being disease carriers. Such dining is less likely to happen if your pet is leashed.

Marks Them as a Pet

Well-trained dogs are a pleasure to walk on the leash, and it identifies them as your pet. Well-behaved dogs with identification are easier to reunite if you somehow get separated.

Prevents rule flouting
In most places, leash laws are in effect for the safety of your dog and those around them. This can be the most compelling reason to leash your dog; it’s simply required!

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