Temporary Exercise Solutions for Lazy or Busy Dog Owners

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As we all know, dogs are bundles of energy. A good, old-fashioned way of dissipating some of that energy is by walking your dog. However, sometimes as a dog owner you can be too busy to keep up with the constant demands of your dog’s walking schedule.

Here are some ideas if you are unable to walk your dog:


Hire a Dog Walker
If you are at work all day, try to hire a dog walker. He or she will walk your dog, ensuring he gets the exercise he deserves. If you cannot locate any dog walkers in your area, consider asking some college students willing to make some cash or posting your need on a college bulletin board. Some student in need of extra cash may be happy to lend a hand. Just make sure they have what it takes to walk an under-exercised dog!

Doggy Daycare
Just as people drop off their child at daycare each morning, some dog owners drop off their pups to doggy daycares. These places are packed with great activities that will make Rover very happy and even very tired upon picking him up! More and more of these facilities are open nowadays, as people come to realize the consequences of leaving their poor pets at home all day long.

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Doggy Treadmills
These are not an alternative to walking but may help hyperactive dogs that need lots of energy drained and provide a temporary fix if the weather outside is inclement or the owner is recovering from a disability.


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A way to exercise social dogs is to have them romp around at the park. Ideally, dogs should be walked for a bit before heading to the park so they will not be too hyper once there. Always keep an eye on your dog and other dogs, however, as sometimes fights may erupt.

Avoid them all together though if you see there are bully dogs around or if yours is of shy nature. If a park does not work out for you or your dog, a more optimal solution may be to schedule play dates with a dog owner friend that owns a social, well-behaved dog.

A game of fetch may help drain out some energy and provide a good time for both dogs and owners. Some dogs even know how to play hide-and-seek or soccer. There are many brain games for dogs nowadays that can help them stay mentally stimulated. Exercising the mind can be a tiring activity, however, it should not be used as a replacement for walks.

Agility Course
You can set up a fun agility course for your dog in your yard if feasible. This can turn out to be a great way to provide exercise while boosting your dog’s confidence.

There are various ways to exercise your dog. Just remember that the best form of exercise is walking your dog. Give walking your dog priority over all the other forms of exercise and you will have a very happy, stable dog that sees you as a source of love, exercise, and trust.

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