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Learn a little more about Boerboels

The Boerboel historically served as a farm dog in 17th century South Africa. Today this strong, muscular, working breed is an excellent guard dog and loyal family companion.

Intelligent, calm and confident, the Boerboel gets along well with children and other pets, but because he is a dominant dog, he requires structured, firm training. He has strong protective instincts and a willingness to please.


Grooming is minimal for the Boerboel’s smooth, shiny coat.

Boerboels love their human families and are especially known for being protectors of their children. That said, they are large, playful dogs and may knock over a child by accident if things get out of hand.

Children should be trained on how to interact with animals to avoid an incident, as well. For instance, no poking and prodding, no matter how trained and docile a Boerboel may be.

As with any dog, playtime must be supervised. Boerboel’s natural protective instinct may also be an issue when children have playmates over, as a Boerboel may interpret play as aggression and defend his family.

Size: Large
Height: Females – 22 to 25 inches; Males – 24 to 27 inches
Weight: 110 to 200 pounds (or 50-90 kilograms)
Coat colour: Brown, red, fawn, brindle, or piebald, Mahogany or rich chestnut red
Average Energy level: Medium

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