‘Baby-proofing’ your house for your new puppy!


Just as you would “baby-proof” your home before a baby starts crawling, you should “puppy-proof” before bringing home your new puppy.

Puppies are naturally curious, so they may get into things you wouldn’t expect. Here are some puppy-proofing tips to keep in mind:


Windows and Doors: Keep doors and windows closed until the puppy is trained. He may see a squirrel running across the front yard and dart out the door if you’re not careful.

Supervise Indoors and Out: Don’t leave your puppy unsupervised inside or outside. Puppies will get curious and investigate or take off after a rabbit. You may find he has soiled the carpet, chewed up your favourite shoes or started digging a hole at the fence line. Supervision keeps him safe—and protects your belongings.

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Watch Out for Heights: If you live in an apartment building with a balcony or a home with a high deck or porch, keep puppy leashed in those areas. If the rails are spaced wide enough for your puppy to slip his head through, consider blocking them off so he doesn’t get stuck.


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Keep Cleaning Supplies Out of Reach: Keep any cleaning solutions, disinfectants, fertilizers, insecticides and other hazardous or toxic items on a high shelf or in the closet or room your puppy cannot access.

Remove Poisonous Houseplants: Numerous houseplants are poisonous to dogs and cats. Before you bring your puppy home, do some research to find out which of your houseplants are poisonous and either remove them or place them in hanging baskets out of his reach. Make sure the plant leaves won’t fall in an area he can access.

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