Bringing home a new puppy


Bringing a new puppy home is exciting. It’s important to ensure his new environment is safe and fun.

You’ll also want to prepare any other pets you have at home, as a new addition to the family can cause them stress. Here are some tips to help ensure introducing your new puppy is a smooth transition for everyone.


As soon as you bring your puppy home, show him his potty area and allow him to sniff around and stretch his legs.

Next, put him in his crate for some quiet time. This gives him a chance to look around and get to know his surroundings without feeling overwhelmed with new people, other pets and distractions.

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It’s best to keep his crate next to your bed for the first week or two if possible. Let him snuggle up with a towel or blanket from his first home. The familiar scent will help him relax. Hanging your arm over the bed so he can lick your fingers and smell your scent until he falls asleep can also help.


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If your puppy has to sleep in a room away from you, installing a night light and a ticking clock or soft music may help him sleep better.

Most puppies will need to go outside to potty during the night and again in the early morning.

It’s a good idea to introduce your puppy to other pets at a young age. Protect his new furry friends by keeping your puppy on his leash during introductions. If he misbehaves, look him in the eye and say “No.”

When introducing your puppy to a dog, try to have them meet outside while both are leashed. This allows them to sniff one another without immediately bringing up territorial or protective disputes.

When introducing your puppy to a cat, try putting one pet in a confined room so they can smell each other under the door before they actually meet.

Letting them acclimate to one another’s smell first and foremost can make the process calmer for both pets.

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