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Proper Puppy Food Storage

It’s crucial that you store all food in your home properly. This applies to both your food and his. We’ve all probably been guilty of leaving a bag of chips or a box of cereal open on the couch or kitchen table.

This may seem harmless, but many food bags—including pet food—are made from a strong material that helps keep food fresh. Curious puppies can get stuck if they go looking in the bag for leftover crumbs or an early dinner.


Make sure to store food or treat bags up high out of your pet’s reach, or inside cabinets or closets.

A pet of any age, size or strength can quickly find itself in a troubling—and potentially heartbreaking—situation when left unattended with a food bag. By using resealable containers, you limit the risk—and, as a bonus, your food will remain fresh.

Similarly, remember to cut empty bags along the entire top, bottom and down at least one side before disposal, in case your curious puppy rummages through the trash.

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VIDEO: How to Store Dog Food Properly!


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