Most obedient dog breeds (part 2)

Happy little orange havanese puppy dog is sitting in the grass

Manchester Terrier

While known for being smart, terriers in general are also often associated with being strong-willed and feisty. However, Manchester terriers are typically more responsive and trainable than your average terrier while not being any less intelligent. These dogs love being busy and having a job to do, which helps them focus during training. As long as you keep training sessions fun and challenging, their interest in mental challenges should overtake that trademark terrier stubbornness.



Happy little orange havanese puppy dog is sitting in the grass

The little Havanese is generally a friendly, adaptable, and smart dog breed. It is also known for being easier to train than many other small dog breeds, which overall can be a bit headstrong at times. The Havanese is typically very attentive and eager to please during training, especially when given lots of positive reinforcement. The breed also is a regular competitor in dog sports and obedience trials.

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A lot of the poodle’s popularity can be attributed to its elegant and refined look. But this breed is also quite intelligent and very eager to please. Poodles are typically devoted to their owners, and they love to learn. As long as you keep training fun for them, they can be experts at learning complex tricks. Their natural athleticism also means they can excel at dog sports, such as agility.


Vizslas generally have incredible stamina, enthusiasm, loyalty, and intelligence. They tend to be eager to please, and they form very strong attachments to their owners, often being referred to as “Velcro dogs.” Vizslas need lots of exercise, and training is an excellent way for them to work out some energy. Dog sports are ideal for these canines to get both a mental and physical workout.

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