The most quiet dog breeds (Part 2)


Intelligent and athletic, collies are typically quiet. This gentle breed can make an excellent companion for many types of homes. Coat care is essential with a brushing a few times per week. Exercise needs also are fairly high, but training is generally easy.



The greyhound is one of the few hound breeds that can be considered quiet. Although they need a moderate amount of exercise, most greyhounds are easygoing couch potatoes. But some develop very close bonds with their families and will vocalize their displeasure when left alone. Behavioral training can help to correct this.


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The Newfoundland is an affectionate dog that’s intensely loyal to its humans. Barking is not common unless your dog is trying to warn you about something. Newfoundland dogs also need plenty of exercise but not as much grooming as you might think. Most are responsive to training.



Saint Bernard
Saint Bernards are generally quiet unless they feel they must warn you of danger. In general, they are highly loyal and affectionate dogs that are eager to please. Take the time to train this breed, as they can be easily distracted and must be controllable at such a large size.


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