Dear Vet, Use these networking secrets now to move to the next level!


Dear Vet, Use these networking secrets now to move to the next level!

People who do proper networking always succeed in life and business. Always. As you know, business is about quality relationships with key people that can take you and your business to the next level.

Try and use the networking tips below to take your veterinary practice to the next level.


1. Lay the groundwork.

Learn how to analyze your current base of contacts to determine who would be best suited for an ongoing exchange in your business.

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2. Build your base of referral sources.

Identify influencers in your target market as well as in other markets markets. These sources will be the base of ongoing support and referrals.

3. Create winning first impressions.

Take an interest in others first. Learn what it takes to get people to take an interest in you and/or your business.

4. Master the exchange

Discover how to use the tools that will make all your exchanges more productive. Do you have a good cellphone? Do you belong to relevant online and offline platforms? These are critical spaces for value exchange.

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5. Leverage your best sources of influence

Once you have built your base, you need to build your megaNetwork. Learn the science of leveraging and creating opportunities for unlimited referrals.

The takeaway

Your focus should be on the people who can help you take advantage of opportunities, rather than on the opportunities themselves.

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