Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2021


There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world. Nowadays, almost any dog breed  will make a great pet for a responsible owner. However, there are certain breeds that are classics simply because they will always be popular,

Check out this list of some of the most popular dog breeds trending right now and learn a little about each one to see if it may be a good fit for you and your family.


DISCLAIMER: There are many more breeds that are popular in today’s world. This is a very limited list, but it is intended to guide you. Enjoy!


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Boxers are affectionate, loyal family dogs that have been popular for many years. Despite its history as a fighting dog, the breed has developed into a gentle, playful companion with no trace of aggression. This dog breed typically gets along very well with kids when properly trained. However, boxers like to jump up and can forget their size from time to time, so training is a must. Though the boxer can be a goofy clown, it has a serious side when it comes to protecting loved ones.



The Rottweiler is a loyal and protective companion that sometimes gets a bad rap. This large dog may seem intimidating to some, but most Rottweilers are loving and gentle towards their loved ones. Training and socialization are the keys to a well-behaved and happy Rottweiler. These powerful dogs can be difficult to manage without structure. Despite sometimes being called a “dangerous breed,” this is an unfair label; this dog is a loving and loyal canine which may be why the Rottweiler has become more popular.

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The poodle is another memorable dog breed with a rich history as a favorite of the aristocracy. Poodles have also been known as entertaining performers. Possibly due to its fancy haircut and “frou-frou” appearance, many people don’t realize that this is a highly intelligent dog breed. Perhaps one reason the poodle is so popular is that it comes in three sizes: toy, miniature​, and standard. Much to the delight of their enthusiasts, the smaller varieties are known for their longevity.


The lovable beagle is an energetic hound that has an affinity for children and family life. Vocal to an almost comical point, the beagle can carry on quite the canine conversation, especially with its signature bay. The breed is small to medium in size but is sturdy, robust, and able to keep up with the rest. The beagle also has a nose for mischief but in the most endearing way. Plus, that amazing nose can be put to work sniffing out other kinds of trouble, specifically bombs and drugs at airports and similar checkpoints.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever ​is a loyal and affectionate family dog with a big heart. With an eager-to-please attitude, this breed is often found working as a service or assistance dog. The golden is also a wonderful therapy dog with its eternally happy disposition. Plus, this breed seems to have written the book when it comes to befriending children, making the breed a perfect match for family life. Goldens have been very popular dogs for decades.

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German Shepherd

The German shepherd has always been an extremely popular dog breed. This hard-working, loyal dog is probably best known for its skills as a protection animal, police dog, and search-and-rescue hero. However, this serious and diligent dog breed has a softer, goofier side. Perhaps that is why the breed is still quite favored as a companion animal. One thing is for certain: It will watch over and defend your home and family. Don’t let its tough exterior fool you, though. This breed is affectionate and playful with its loved ones.

Labrador Retriever

It should come as no surprise that the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog in the United States for decades and for good reason. This energetic, fun-loving retriever has “family dog” written all over it. Loyal and affectionate, the Lab wins over the hearts of just about everyone it meets. For over 200 years, the Lab has been treasured for its loyalty, intelligence, and athleticism. The breed is often seen working as a service animal or gun dog​ but remains a favorite among those looking for an all-around canine companion.

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