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Like the smaller Italian greyhound, this full-size sprinter is one of the best large breed dogs for warm weather. Greyhounds have a short, thin coat and lean body mass. These attributes mean that it’s easier for them to regulate their temperature in hot weather versus cold weather. In addition, the greyhound only needs a couple of short bursts of high-speed activity and a leisurely walk or two.


German Shorthaired Pointer

For a hunting dog or active canine companion, even when the weather is warm, the German shorthaired pointer is an excellent choice. These dogs have short fur with no undercoat. They love to swim, so they won’t hesitate to take a dip in a lake or pool to cool off. Keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they don’t overexert themselves in extreme heat.

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Great Dane


The Great Dane is one of the best large breed dogs for hot weather. With a natural tendency to conserve energy, these couch potatoes aren’t likely to overexert themselves when the weather is warm. This breed tends to enjoy living in a warm-weather climate. However, if your dog has a darkly-coloured coat, it can heat up quicker. Make sure your dog has shady spots to retreat from the sun and never leave them unattended long.

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Yorkshire Terrier

The silky coat of the Yorkshire terrier may be long, but it’s fine. A thin texture means that it’s not a great insulator against the cold. Additionally, its single coat is hair and not fur. As a result, it doesn’t trap heat and will help these pint-sized pals stay cooler when the temperature rises. Smaller dogs can usually handle the heat a little better than larger ones.



Afghan Hound

These large dogs fare well in hot climates since those flowing locks are a single coat of hair. This breed’s native homeland of Afghanistan is known for hot weather by day and cold temperatures by night. These dogs are no stranger to temperature extremes. The drawback: Be prepared to spend time regularly grooming the coat each week to keep it free of snarls and debris.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is an active, hearty breed with a drive to work despite the hot sun or warm temperatures. Australian cattle dogs have a short double coat that keeps the breed relatively cool during a long, hot day herding livestock and provides insulation and protection when nightly temperatures plummet. The breed is also called a “blue heeler” and is a highly active breed that loves to expend energy no matter the weather, making them an excellent medium-sized dog breed for hot weather.


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