Dear Veterinarians, Do these 9 things to re-engineer your veterinary practice now


Dear Veterinarians, Do these 9 things to re-engineer your veterinary practice now

1. Have a passion for excellence and hate bureaucracy. This step alone can do wonders to your veterinary business. I know a couple of veterinarians who are doing this now.

2. Be open to ideas from everywhere and be committed to work them out. Personally I have benefited a great deal from great ideas. I remember a time that I was owning a colleague vet. I practically used ideas to turn the table around and he started owing me instead!


3. Live quality and drive cost and speed for competitive advantage. Quality pays. Ask people like my friends Dr Abiade and Dr Nasir. They are so committed to going for quality vet practice. And it is paying off for them.

4. Have the self confidence to involve everyone working for you and behave in a boundary less fashion. The truth is that you can succeed alone. You need reliable people who believe in possibilities around you to succeed gallantly.

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5. Create a clear, simple, reality based vision and communicate it to all your workers. Without vision, people perish. You are the one to create your realities in life and business. Be visionary!


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6. Have enormous energy and the ability to energize others. Life is about energy. In fact everything is energy. The business environment will push aside the lazy and the ones that are not decisive about what they want in life. A person of clarity and decision is the one that will create great things.

7. Stretch and set aggressive goals. Reward progress and promote accountability and commitment among your staff. Please note that companies don’t succeed, people do!

8. See change as opportunities. Never see change as threat. Things are changing fast these days especially in the third world. You can leverage these changes to move your business forward. This is where I try to thrive. I am always looking for ways to use the prevailing circumstances to move forward and upwards. You can do this too.

9. Have global brains and build diverse and global teams. Oh yes, you can get there! Prior to the start of Covid 19, my business is mostly local. But today, I earn money in dollars every single day. Everything starts with mentality. Start local but always think global.


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