Message from my mentor on the power of collaboration and your business


Message from my mentor on the power of collaboration and your business

Are you a collaborative person? You may not be working against the team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working for it. Do you bring cooperation and added value to you team mates – even to the people you don’t enjoy being with?

To become a collaborative team player

Think win-win-win.


Usually when you collaborate with others, you win, they win, and the team wins. Find someone on the team with a similar role whom you have previously seen as a competitor. Figure out ways you can share information and work together to benefit both you and the team.

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Complement others.


Another way to collaborate is to get together with someone who has strengths in your area of weakness and vice versa. Seek out others on the team with complementary gifts and work together.

Take yourself out of the picture.

Get in the habit of asking what’s best for the team. For example, the next time you are at a problem-solving meeting and everyone is contributing ideas, instead of promoting yourself, ask yourself how the team would do if you were not involved in the solution. If it would do better, then propose ideas that promote and Involve people other than yourself.

The mentor: John C. Maxwell


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