The Stories Of My Dogs (Episode)


The Stories Of My Dogs (Episode 1)

I have always loved dogs. The truth is that dogs are really easy to love. Their friendliness is very infectious. Their faithfulness and loyalty is captivating. I will always love dogs!

What about you?


I remember vividly my first dog. It was an Alsatian. I got the dog when I newly took up a sales representative job at Pfizer Animal Health after finishing my National Youth Service. I was posted to Ilorin to cover Oyo and Kwara states.

I got the dog as a puppy. I wanted to cherish and love the dog in my newly rented 3 bedroom flat as a bachelor. Unfortunately, this was not to be.

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I lost the dog!


I can’t even remember the name I gave the tiny puppy.

The dog died.

But why, you may ask. After all I am a veterinary surgeon who should know better. I really do not know what killed the dog. Up to this day.

I was traveling a lot as a sales representative. My job was to move around on daily basis whether I feel like it or not. I had to sell. I had to meet my sales target. I did not have time for the dog. I came back from one of my numerous trips to meet my dog, dead!

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It was painful. Imagine that I am still remembering this after 33 years. You see, I don’t believe that people or animals die. Loved animals and humans live in our hearts even when they are gone.

I have never forgotten my “dead” dog and I will never do…

Watch out for the story of my next dog….

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