The Stories Of My Dogs (Part 2)


The Stories Of My Dogs (Part 2)

After the death of my first dog at Ilorin, I resisted getting another dog. Why? I knew I won’t have time for the dog. What’s the point?

I yearned to have a dog but I kept restraining myself.


Then I got promoted and moved to Lagos. I wanted to get a dog but there was a problem. While I was at Ilorin, I stayed in a three bedroom flat bungalow with my own compound. Keeping a dog in this place was most convenient.

But in Lagos, I got accommodation in a flat on the top floor of a four flats building. Managing a dog will be very difficult. So I kept off.

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Then I got married. I must confess that my wife was really not interested in us having a dog. About one year into our marriage, somebody gave us a mongrel dog.


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We were excited and decided to nurture the dog. I named the dog BOY because I wanted us to have a baby boy as our first born.

We kept BOY on our balcony. And we grew to really love the dog. Then something happened. The dog disappeared from the house. We were confused and worried.

Where could the dog be?

I really cannot remember whether we got to know what happened to the dog on that day or the following day. But we found the dog dead on the express road near our home.

What happened? Well, BOY the dog wanted freedom to roam. Apparently the dog ran out of the house and then into the main road.

The dog was crushed to death by a moving vehicle.

Very painful.

But what can we do? We did our best to keep and love the dog.

Everyone wants freedom. After all the basis of life is freedom. But then unrestrained freedom has its consequences.

My second dog BOY died. But life goes on….

About a year or more later, God gave me and my wife a baby boy.


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