5 Reasons Veterinarians Don’t Make Money


5 Reasons Veterinarians Don’t Make Money

There is money to be made in every profession and calling. I know so many rich veterinarians but the truth is that many veterinarians are not getting it right financial wise.

Let me give you some of the reasons below:


1. Many veterinarians are too attached to theories than practical doings. I remembered when I came out of the university to work in a multinational, my exposure within three months made me wonder what we really do in the university! Too much theories with little practical exposure. This approach to learning has locked the mentality of most veterinarians that they are not willing to let loose their imagination and make money in their respective practice.

2. Many veterinarians have ego and attitude problems. I am a veterinarian of over 33 years experience and I really know what I am writing about here. I have seen a lot of paravet making so much money in the farming industry while the veterinarians are too reluctant to adapt and get the piece of the abundant cake! Let’s face it, even in the developed countries, veterinarians are making money by willing to enthusiastically work in remote areas serving farmers in every way possible. The moment someone has ego and attitude problems, the person has placed barriers on financial empowerment.

3. Many veterinarians are too impatient. I love helping veterinarians to get jobs in many relevant organizations. My experience with many of them is that they are too impatient to wait for their time! Two or three years down the line, they want to jump out to do something on their own. Yes, there is nothing wrong in doing something on your own, but you need time to learn the tricks of the trade. Do you know what usually happens to any fruit plucked before its time?

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4. Many veterinarians are not marketing minded. I always believe that marketing is the missing link between success and failure in any business venture. A medical doctor who has marketing sense will always make real good money in medical practice. I see examples all around me as I study the medical practitioners. The same thing applies to the veterinary profession and all others. You must be marketing minded to tap into the riches of any profession. MARKETING IS ALWAYS THE MISSING LINK.

5. Many veterinarians stop learning after leaving school. This is very common. In my opinion, all these continuing education structured by the veterinary council is often too politicized for any real relevance to the challenges of the moment. As they say, if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into the ditch. My opinion? I personally think that the best education after school is self education via so many exponential channels in the marketplace today. There are so many powerful and relevant channels or platforms for any self motivated professional today. So many! But you have to have what I call INSTIGATION CAPITAL to exploit these opportunities.


The above reasons are purely my opinion. But I am very sure that any veterinarian who can truly study them and make adjustments here and there will see money coming from different avenues to him or her. I am also a veterinarian and I am ever reinventing myself over and over to break loose from locked mentality. It’s a lifelong pastime to keep doing this!


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