How To Avoid Trouble Driving On Wet Roads


How To Avoid Trouble Driving On Wet Roads

Stopping distances on a wet road are twice those on a dry one. Take special care when the roads are wet after a long, dry spell – oil and rubber dust can combine with water to make the surface treacherous.



Make sure your TYRES are in good condition and correctly inflated. At high speeds tyres with a deep tread will stop a car in half the distance taken by tyres with tread depths at the 1mm legal limit.

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In heavy rain, speeds above 35mph can cause aquaplaning, when tyre treads cannot disperse the water quickly enough, so the car rides on a cushion of water, losing all adhesion to the road. If this occurs, take your foot off the accelerator and hold the steering as straight as possible. Do not touch the brakes. When the tyres rip, continue at reduced speed.



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