Message from my mentor on personal re-engineering for MORE business success


Message from my mentor on personal re-engineering for MORE business success

• Manage your self-importance and expectations so that they are better balanced or more realistic.

• Focus on giving value and helping others as a way to feel validated and worthy.


• Make a list of 50-100 great things about you and why you deserve success.

• Stop comparing yourself to others in an unbalanced manner.

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• See all pursuits and successes as progressive tests rather than final destinadons.


• Know that nothing you do or do not achieve defines who you are.

• The world needs your skills and talents so don’t deny people them by self-sabotaging.

• Get clear on your vision and legacy and how you want to be remembered

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• If impostor syndrome gets loud, write it all down as personal therapy. This really helps you to sleep, too, if it taunts you at night.

• Know that nobody knows what you are thinking, feeling and fearing inside.

• Practise owning, thanking and being grateful for your victories, successes and compliments. Celebrate them!

• Ask for help and share your feelings with professionals, friends, advisors and mentors.

• Know that we are all struggling with self-worth, even your idols and huge celebrities



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