Every motorist should read this article for his or her own good


Every motorist should read this article for his or her own good 

CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING where it may lurk and what action to take

Carbon monoxide gas has no colour, taste or smell to warn of its presence, and when encountered in a confined space can be a killer. Swift action is necessary if someone inhales it. The gas is a by – product of combustion, and may be encountered in the following areas.



carbon monoxide is present in car exhaust fumes and you could be at risk in a confined space. Do not run the engine in the garage – particularly with the doors shut.

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The car


Inspect the exhaust system regularly, bearing in mind that the average life of the ordinary mild steel exhaust is about 18 months. Block holes and cracks between the engine and passenger compartment with a flexible sealant, to reduce the risk of fumes seeping in.

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Traffic jams

Switch off the engine and the ventilation booster fan during long hold – ups, to avoid sucking fumes from other cars into yours.


If you find someone affected by fumes, take a deep breath before entering the area. Pull the casualty well clear as quickly as possible into fresh air, or open all doors and windows.

If the casualty is conscious, recovery will be quite rapid. If unconscious, place in the RECOVERY POSITION and summon expert help. If the casualty is not breathing, the kiss of life should be administered. Or an expert first–aider can apply EXTERNAL CHEST COMPRESSION.

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