Do You Really Need a Job? Then Read This Now!


Do You Really Need a Job? Then Read This Now!

1. Really really decide that you need a new job. Never forget that looking for a job is a job.

2. Assemble your credentials very neatly. Disorganized candidates are turn offs for interviewers!


3. Update your curriculum vitae regularly. This is very important! You will lose Favour if your CV is rough, shallow and full of spelling errors.

4. What kind of job do you really want? Decide on this and be really serious. Life is too short to be so unserious about it. How long are you going to be depending on people in life for money?

5. Tell everyone that matters around you that you want a new job. I mean tell only the people that matters. Beware of telling your affairs to people that will sabotage your efforts!

6. Keep your ears to the ground. Look out for job vacancies that fit in to what you want.

7. Be in the social media world. Be especially present in many WhatsApp groups that pertain to your chosen industry. You do yourself a big disfavor by not knowing what’s going on in your chosen industry.

8. Apply. Apply. Apply. Apply. Never be tired of applying for the job you want. Don’t be a quitter. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. Period.

9. Work on yourself, I mean work on your attitude. This is a life long job. You better start now. A good degree without a good attitude is actually a trash. A bad degree with a good attitude is gold. The world really have no use for unreliable and irresponsible people. Many companies now hire for attitude and train for skills.

10. When they call you for interviews, make sure you go there after making proper enquiries. For example, in our recruitment agency, we call some people for interviews and they never show up. They never call or write to apologize for not coming. What a turn off!

11. Be ready to volunteer now before you get your desired job. Volunteering will expose you in having more and more experience that will eventually land you your desired job. Volunteering works.

12. Don’t be jobs hopping! If your CV is showing that you change jobs every year, people won’t have interest in you. No one wants to employ an unstable person.

Look out for more nuggets on getting good jobs from me…

You will succeed!

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