Message from my mentor on using THE STRATEGY OF PREEMINENCE to stimulate business breakthrough


Message from my mentor on using THE STRATEGY OF PREEMINENCE to stimulate business breakthrough

You have to change your philosophical approach and move to what I call a “Strategy of Preeminence,” which is a whole new way of looking at the relationship you have with your marketplace. It’s seeing yourselves, and your company, and everyone in your organization as the ultimate fiduciary, as an advisor, as a trusted, respected, expert advisor. And you have the responsibility and the obligation to counsel those people in what’s in their best interest. To give them the best short and long-term outcome. And when you start advising them with their best interest at heart, you no longer will accept or allow them to buy less than they should… fewer combinations than they should… less quality of products or services than they should… and less frequently than they should. You’ll never again, take the order just because they’re willing to buy. You will never again be struggling with how to manipulate, what kind of things to say or do. You’ll always be focused on the fact that the more value you add, that is perceived by them, the more success you will have. You will start thinking of your relationship with them all as “clients.” If you talk to them or think of them all as customers, you should change – and I’ll tell you why. In a world that is trying to slam everyone down to commodity and marginalized status, you have to draw a line in the sand and distinguish yourself. And the way to do that is to start thinking of your relationship as an advisor, and the people you deal with as clients.

Look up the word “customer.” And look up the word “client.” “Customer” is defined as, “someone who buys a commodity or a service.” “Client” is defined as, “someone who’s under the care and the protection of another.” You want to move the whole relationship that you have with your “customer” to where they are your “client.” Someone you see as under your care and your protection. Someone whose well being is important to you.


The biggest problem that I observe with companies that I serve, and most companies that I study, is they fall in love with the wrong thing. They want their company to be the fastest growing, the biggest, and the best, the Inc. 100, the Inc. One, Fortune 500. They fall in love with the mega-organization, the worldwide impact.

The way to greatness today is to transfer your ultimate passion away from your product, your service, your company, and instead, fall in love with your client. If they’re at the top of your awareness all the time, and if all you focus on is constantly getting them the very richest, the very best, the most productive, the most profitable, the most enjoyable, the most enriching, the greatest protection in whatever your product or service provides… you will dominate everyone else in your business sector, because they don’t look at it that way. They’re in love with having the biggest company, and as a result, they don’t.

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You also have to fall in love with your three tiers of “clients.” The people who pay you and the two tiers of people you pay. You have to fall in love with your team members, and you have to want greatness for them. And you have to know that you are the vehicle to their and their families’ richness and security. And you have to envision the fact that their kids are going to go to college because of you, and lives are going to be enriched because of you. Just as with your clients, you have to see their businesses or their personal lives thrive, their prosperity grow, and their security enhanced. If you can’t visualize that you’re going to lose torque.

A Strategy of Preeminence is truly transforming. It’s the most liberating, the most animating, and it’s the most passionate concept you’ll ever embrace.


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