Message from my mentor on how to be super productive in your business


Message from my mentor on how to be super productive in your business


” Do it now” is the watchword of success. Of course it is common sense to give ourselves a legitimate amount of time to get ready for anything.


The bigger our endeavor, the more time and thought it demands, and it is well said
that “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” It is also true, though, that without this quality in the human soul which causes the fool to rush in, many fools would forever remain at the fool’s level of enfoldment.

The urge that sends the fool on is the urge that deifies and glorifies our human endeavor. While the fool follows it in uncontrolled, undirected enthusiasm, wise people guide it and cherish it as their most precious possession, training themselves to allow it to urge them on and through almost impossible accomplishments.

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“Going to do it” never gets anyone anywhere, and those who rise powerfully to the top of their own mountain of success are those who first survey the path to this mountain pass and then, taking the bit of the bridle of their own lives in their teeth, race to success.


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It is then that the world, seeing them rush on in what appears to be madness, stops and asks, “What is this?” And with attention comes interest, and through interest comes praise or ridicule, and through these comes cooperation and success is assured. Finding ourselves, knowing what we want to do, giving ourselves a legitimate time for perfecting our ability to do then doing it—this is the law of success.

Do it now! We may have only one-tenth of one percent perfection when we start anything, but practice makes perfect, and out of the very crudest material will come a gem, polished by use into a resplendent brightness.

It is better to do and fail and profit by the wisdom born of this failure, than to sit down in unexpressed genius and atrophy from disuse “The past is spent, the future is thy God’s, today is thine. hold fast the precious treasure.”



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