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7 things to do with your dog on constant basis

7 things to do with your dog on constant basis

1.Be a friend to your dog
Dogs need love and affection to thrive. Make sure they’re spending plenty of time inside with you and your family. Give them attention, treats, and play games with them.

2. Have patience with them
It can be challenging when your dog acts out or isn’t picking up on a new training technique, but with some grace and patience, they’ll be more likely to continue trying. If you’re feeling frustrated, take a break from training and consider consulting your vet or local training professional. Dogs are very good at reading our body language and won’t respond well to training if you are tense or angry.


3. Hang out with them while they eat
Dogs are by nature pack animals and you’re their pack. Stay near them when they eat and make this an ongoing communal act. Picky eaters might also show more interest in their food when they see you take an interest.

4. Applaud your pet when they successfully relieve themselves outside
Potty training can be difficult, especially with stubborn dog breeds. Applaud and cheer your dog on when they go outside and do their business every time and they’ll eagerly continue this behavior until it becomes a habit. For dogs who are learning to be house-trained, bring treats outside with you and immediately reward your dog after they finish peeing or pooping somewhere you approve of. If you do this every time, and take your puppy out frequently enough (including after every meal, after every drink of water, and at least every 4-6 hours) house breaking will be significantly easier.

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5. Make training a game
Switch up the treats, rewards, and praise. If they view training as a game, rather than something they are scolded during, they will have more fun and you’ll see better results. You may also find that your dog responds better to different types of rewards through this process. When training, always reward positive behavior with treats, a clicker, pets, and/or verbal praise and simply ignore bad behavior. They will learn if they want a reward they must do what you’ve asked of them.

6. Immediately correct bad behavior
Dogs have a short memory and if you scold them for doing something wrong five minutes later, they will not correlate the scolding with the bad behavior. Reprimand them only if you catch them in the act. On the other hand, always give your dog positive feedback and rewards right away for good behavior to encourage the repetition of this behavior.

Housekeeping and puppy-proofing
7. Keep your trash secured
Dogs are drawn to the delicious smell of your trash and may eat things that are toxic, harmful, or not digestible , so make sure your trash is secure. Ingestion of foreign objects or toxic substances could lead to costly emergency surgeries.

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