8 ways to maximise your weekend


8 ways to maximise your weekend

The weekend is here again.

After spending five days on duty, many people often look forward to the weekend to have some respite and prepare their minds and bodies for the following week’s hustle. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is that we spend most of the weekend doing tasks that we have defaulted on throughout the week.


While it is great to use your weekend to catch up on your domestic chores and social life, spending your entire weekend doing laundry, attending events, and going for group meets may not help you relax.

On the other end of the spectrum, some persons often enter into the weekend so overwhelmed that they cannot do anything more than sleep all day! This is equally unproductive and could leave a lot to be desired come Monday morning.

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AF24 NEWS has come up with a helpful list to help you prepare adequately for your weekend and maximise the free time you get off work after a long week.


1. Conclude office work/calls on Fridays


This is very important. Do not leave off important client calls and follow-up conversations for Sunday evening. Doing that tends to make your Sundays into a ‘preliminary Monday’, leaving you stressed or exhausted because you’ve already started anticipating the stress of the coming week. Always try to get on top of work and developments early in the weekend (preferably on Friday night) so that you can enjoy the rest of the weekend without constant interruptions or a cloudy mind.

2. Rest


Rest is good for recharging yourself. Perhaps you spent a few nights working overtime and couldn’t reach your sleep goals. Your weekend is the best time to catch up to your cycle and give your body some downtime, which has its benefits. Rest doesn’t have to be sleep necessarily. Maybe a spa day, reading your favourite light-hearted book, or something less political or business-related. You need to take some time to recuperate, and it helps to have a calmer mind.

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3. Exercise

Shot of a young woman listening to music while doing yoga
Most people working 9 am – 5 pm weekdays don’t have time to work on their physical health during the week. You often wake up at 6 am (city dwellers, probably earlier to beat traffic), get to the office, work all day and return home in the evening, exhausted and not willing to go for a run or ride a bicycle.
Exercise helps our longevity and also helps clear the mind. It doesn’t have to be doing sit-ups, running on a treadmill or skipping. Finding a sport that you enjoy and speed-walking/jogging to the venue of the activity could suffice. You should pick up sporty hobbies like tennis, soccer or volleyball. If you work in an office all week, this gives your body the much-needed stretching and movement it needs after spending a week propped up on a desk chair.

4. Go outdoors


Take a stroll or a bicycle ride, either alone or with friends. The benefit here is not the exercise, but leisurely relaxation. You don’t have to take a watch, mobile phone or anything that could remind you of work. Just take a few minutes to walk around your neighbourhood, observe your surroundings and take a breather. You could probably use your appointment with the barber as an excuse to take a stroll. Or a trip to the store to buy groceries or home equipment. Anything works.

5. Work on your hobby/side project


Most people have interests outside their day job that suffer because of the hectic schedule of the five-day week. Hence, it is important to always set aside time to work on your hobbies, side projects and other interests. If you seek to diversify your income stream, the weekend is also the best time to consider what you would like to do and build it. Hobbies like gardening, rock climbing, reading, journaling, and so on can also benefit from your 48-hour layoff.

6. Improvise

Of course, things won’t always go according to the script, so you have to improvise sometimes.
Maybe you have to attend that wedding, or that dinner party, or that birthday celebration. Social interaction, celebration and networking are all essential elements of human relations. Whenever you make plans for the weekend, always leave some wiggle room that lets you be spontaneous.

7. Chores


Laundry piled up, waiting on your bedroom chair, your messy room, your bathroom, kitchen, surroundings. These all need to be attended to, and you definitely aren’t getting them done on weekdays, so always set time aside to take care of your surroundings. It is best to complete chores on Saturday morning so that you can use the rest of the weekend for relaxation.

8. Plan your Sundays

Don’t let your Monday slowly trickle into Sunday. Sunday is another full day of freedom from your corporate servitude. This is why it is vital to complete calls/follow-ups on Fridays. (Remember number one?) You shouldn’t be too anxious to relax on a Sunday. Plan to make your favourite dish, watch your favourite shows, see a movie or relax with a ball game. You can also play board games to keep your mind sharp and ready for the week ahead.
Also, make sure you get a full night’s rest on Sunday so that you wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and in the best mood to tackle the day.


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