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Poisoning prevention basics in Dogs

Poisoning prevention basics in Dogs

Many cases of poisoning are caused by dogs eating something that is around the house there are several steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening.

Make a list of all plants in the home and garden.
Find out which are poisonous.
Remove them or keep them out of reach.
Keep all chemicals, cleaning fluids, insecticides, fertilizers and medicines out of reach. Other common household poisons are antifreeze, mouse and rat poison, roach poison and slug poison.
Do not over use medical compounds such as flea and tick products. Closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not let your dog roam the neighborhood. Unsupervised dogs often eat garbage and can easily ingest a poisonous substance.


Severe vomiting
Severe diarrhea
Blood in vomit, feces or urine
Blush color to tongue
Difficulty breathing
Excessive drooling
Severe irritation of the eyes or mouth
Peculiar substance on skin or coat


If the poison is on the skin, wash it off.
Use a lot of water.
Wear rubber gloves to avoid poisoning yourself.
Allow dog to drink as much water as possible. (Water dilutes most poisons.)
Give activated charcoal tablets, if available. (Charcoal absorbs many poisons.)
Get a sample of the poison, if possible.
Get a sample of vomit or the stool, if poison not available.
Transport to your veterinarian. Telephone before departing. Your doctor may have special instructions, such as inducing vomiting to limit absorption.


Do not wait for signs of poisoning to develop. Take your dog to your veterinarian if you see it ingest or come in contact with a toxic substance.
Do not induce vomi8ting unless directed to do so by your veterinarian. Many poisons will bun the throat.
Do not give anything by mouth if the dog is convulsing or unconscious.

Contributed by Charles Bell

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