8 reasons why you should keep a pet – Part 1


8 reasons why you should keep a pet – Part 1


Pets offers unmatched loyalty. However, your pet will always be a loyal buddy and companion whatever the circumstance may be.

They will be there for you and genuinely offer a sense of understanding and empathy which is unmatched by their human counterparts.
Indeed, research has shown that pets can provide excellent support and companionship which in many cases is better than people can give.


There can be a variety of reasons for this, such as the natural sense of empathy many pets have, and the fact that they are not always looking for something in return.

Indeed, the simple fact of the matter is that many people prefer the companionship of pets over that of human beings. There is no judgment.

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In an Australian study, this was found to be the case:
Homeless pet owners that were attached to their pets often reported that their relationships with their pets were their only relationships and would not live in housing that would not allow their pets.—Psychological Reports

Pets frequently provide the owners with understanding and companionship which they cannot find elsewhere.

Pets offer pure love, compassion, and an unbreakable bond. Why should you get a pet? Because they are excellent companions!


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