Man Regret going to Canada after Leaving his 350k Job in Nigeria


Man Regret going to Canada after Leaving his 350k Job in Nigeria

Some Nigerians on social media have reacted differently on a man who left for Canada, and he is set to return because of hardship


“I have a friend who was earning N350K in his job here in Nigeria and he left it all to journey abroad. Two years on, he keeps complaining with bitterness what a mistake that has been and how not easy life is abroad. He is planning to come back this year for good. Have a plan!”

But the story was quickly disputed by some Twitter users who think differently. One of the replies by @flawed_entity questioned the veracity of the story: “Which abroad? Maybe it’s the Akure own because my sister left for Canada 2 months ago to study, she is working as a waitress. If you know how much money she sends to us, to be waiter go dey hungry you self.”

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One other reply on Twitter by @kaderkingpin91 is of the view that the man shouldn’t have left his job in Nigeria if he wasn’t sure of better pay abroad: “350k monthly and still not satisfied? Well, the needs of people differ sha. Left to me, if not that I’m sure of a better pay where I’m going, I can’t leave my well-paid job for a doubtful place.

” The same amount of enthusiasm followed the story when it was shared on Instagram by @instablog9ja. A comment on the story on Instagram by @iam_themmyy said not everyone would make it abroad: “Truth is, no be everybody go make am for abroad. What works for A might not work for B.”

One rather funny reply told the man in question to return and create space for others to go. @lulusmooth replied: “Come back so another person can go and try luck.

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