The oldest dog alive today


The oldest dog alive today

The oldest dog alive today is Funny Fujimura, a miniature dachshund. Funny was born in Sakai, Japan on May 27th, 1999. Funny is currently 21 years old! The Guinness World Record title was given to Funny when their age was verified in November of 2020. Owner Yoshiko Fujimura describes Funny as a very sweet and nice dog.An important note, however, is that Funny is the oldest dog alive today that was able to provide paperwork proving age. Some owners have claimed their dogs to be older but do not have the necessary paperwork to prove their dog’s birthday.

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Funny Fujimura is a miniature dachshund! The American Kennel Club describes miniature dachshunds as typically being very curious and friendly. They average less than 11 pounds in weight and 5-6 inches in height from the ground to the top of their shoulder. The life expectancy for a mini dachshund is 11- 16 years. Funny is exceptional for her breed at 21 years old!

Miniature dachshunds are a hound-type dog breed. Standard dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and other ground-digging animals, whereas the miniature breed was developed to sniff out and locate smaller animals such as rabbits. The dachshund was bred in Germany by mixing different French, German, and English hounds and terriers. They are a well-loved breed around the world and were ranked 12th favorite dog breed in the United States in 2018. Queen Victoria, and royal courts throughout Europe, were particularly fond of the breed as well. Other famous owners of dachshunds include President John F. Kennedy, President Grover Cleveland, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and E.B. White.

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