10 dog breeds that are social butterflies


10 dog breeds that are social butterflies

1. Labrador Retrievers

These happy-go-lucky pooches are always game to make new friends! It’s no surprise that Labs have ranked number one on the AKC most popular breeds list for many years in a row–they’re super versatile and are happy in pretty much any home or climate, so long as they’re cared for and loved.


2. Golden Retrievers

These gorgeous golden pups are known for their social skills. Their love for all people–old, young, and in between–makes them terrific family companions. Golden owners know that these dogs are like rays of sunshine, bringing happiness to everyone that they meet.

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3. Springer Spaniels

These energetic, outdoor-loving dogs form strong bonds with their families. But they also love being with friends, 2-legged, 4-legged, old and new. These dogs are always up for an adventure, and will happily make new pals along the way. If you play with a Springer, you’ll have made a friend for life. Most other Spaniels share similar social traits!

4. Pugs

These pint-sized social butterflies don’t need to have a lot of space or exercise, so they’re perfect for apartment-dwellers who have a thriving social life. They’re generally friendly with kids, strangers, and other animals alike. Plus their small size means that they’re portable, whether you live in the suburbs or the city.

5. Poodles

Poodles of all sizes are intelligent pups who love to please people, whether they’re family or new friends. These curly-haired cuties would much rather greet strangers at the door than chase them away! Their special hair, which sheds very little, is an added bonus. Just keep in mind that regular grooming for these pooches is a must.

6. Bulldogs

Friendly, laid-back, and affectionate, Bulldogs are irresistible with their wrinkly faces and underbites (this includes English, American, and French Bulldogs, too!). You can bet that they’ll enjoy the attention of almost anyone who comes up to give a few pets. If you’re in the business of making more (human) friends, keep a Bulldog by your side–they’ll come toward you in droves.

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7. Saint Bernards

These pups are the epitome of being “gentle giants.” Calm, patient, and so sweet (plus a little slobbery), their size may seem intimidating, but their demeanor is so lovable. Saint Bernards are 120-180 pounds of affection, and they’ll happily share it with anyone they meet!


8. Bearded Collies

These furry cuties are known for their enthusiasm for life. It’s only natural that they want to share their optimism with everyone around them! With a bouncy Beardy by your side, you’re sure to make friends everywhere you go. Just make sure she’s got her obedience basics down to keep that excitement under control.


9. Pit Bulls

Pittie owners will tell you that their pups make terrible guard dogs. But that’s okay, because they can make some of the best guest greeters around. In fact, sometimes their eagerness to welcome newcomers is slightly too enthusiastic, but a little training can do the trick.


10. Beagles

These sweet and docile dogs are friendly with just about everyone. They’re known for being agreeable and trusting companions, which is sadly the reason they’re often used in lab testing. (Check out The Beagle Project, a rescue.) On a happy note, they make wonderful pets for humans of all ages, and are always up for company!

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