How to identify the best food for your dog


How to identify theĀ  best food for your dog

We have consulted expert veterinarians, nutritionists, and pet food scientists with many years of experience in the dog food industry and they’ve helped us in sifting out dog food with fillers and additives from the best dog food in Nigeria.

Before we continue, we’ll like to remind you that dogs seem to be omnivorous but have some carnivorous traits such as the absence of salivary amylase and short gastrointestinal tract that lack the ability to synthesise vitamin D.


So, before a dog food can be considered to be better than another, it should be easy to digest, absorb and excrete in the form of a smaller and firmer poop. It should also have a label that lists the first three key ingredients to enable you to know whether the food you’re about to buy for your dog is meat-based (fish, lamb or chicken) or vegetable-based (rice or corn).

Let’s say you want to know the best dog food between diamond dry dog food and booster dry dog food. The first thing you should do is to check the label and compare the first three key ingredients before comparing their prices.

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Top Ten Best Dog Food Brands In Nigeria

1. Bavaro – Best dog food with no additives, preservatives, sugar, soy, or genetically modified raw materials, ideal for working dogs

2. Josera – Best for dogs with normal and elevated activity levels

3. Royal Canin – Best food for dogs of different breeds, health requirements, exercise level and age

4. Nature’s protection – Best complete nutrition at an affordable price.

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5. Diamond Naturals – Best for essential nutrients at an affordable price

6. Taste of the Wild – Best balanced nutrients formula at a cheaper price.

7. Arion – Best in nutritional value and taste

8. Purina – Best for tailored nutrition for dogs in all life stages

9. Pedigree

10. Booster – Best for athletic dogs and puppies.


Note: The dietary needs of your dog depend on many factors such as breed, age, activity and size.Therefore, one dog food may not be appropriate for every dog.

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