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How to mate your dog in 4 simple steps

How to mate your dog in 4 simple steps

Although mating is natural for dogs, you can help facilitate the process by ensuring that both dogs are clean and in good health. It’s also important to monitor the female dog’s fertility cycle so that you’re aware of the right timing for breeding. Assist the dogs on the day of mating to ensure that the breeding process goes smoothly.

1. Make Sure Both Dogs Are Clean and In Good Health


Just as it’s important for humans to remain healthy in order to maintain fertility and achieve a successful pregnancy, the same is true when it comes to animals.

Female dogs that are at a healthy weight have a greater chance of conceiving and carrying the pregnancy to term, as opposed to dogs who are underweight or obese.

You should always have both dogs checked out by a veterinarian prior to breeding.

While it’s advisable to discuss any weight concerns with your veterinarian, you can keep your dogs healthy by scheduling feeding times, providing a balanced diet, and offering healthy treats. You can also consider supplementing your canines’ diet with fish oil.

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In addition to proper nutrition, your dogs should be exercised regularly. If your yard is fenced in, then you should allow both dogs adequate time to run around in the yard.

Alternatively, you can take the dogs on daily walks around the neighborhood.

Grooming also plays a role in successful breeding. Clean dogs have a reduced likelihood of developing infections that could inhibit mating, and trimming your dog’s pubic hair can make it easier for your male dog to mount.

2. Monitor the Female Dog’s Fertility Cycle

Of course, pregnancy isn’t going to happen unless the female dog is in heat.A female dog’s menstrual cycle starts on the first day of bleeding, which may be difficult to determine if the flow is initially light. However, you will likely notice certain behavioral changes and fluctuations in appetite and energy when a female dog goes into heat.

Now, the female isn’t going to be fertile on the first day of her cycle. You will need to wait until she’s been in heat for approximately ten days before mating her with the male dog.

Since you may have trouble determining exactly how long she has been in heat, the male should be with her throughout the estimated period of fertility, which is between nine and thirteen days into her cycle.

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Female dogs shouldn’t be bred until they reach 2 years of age. Mating your female dog during her first menstrual cycle is ill-advised.

You will need to acclimate yourself with your female dog’s menstruation patterns before you attempt to breed her.

3. Assist the Dogs on the Day of Mating

Male dogs are less inclined to be in the mood for mating when their stomach is full and they are tired.Therefore, you will need to refrain from feeding the male on a mating day until after the two dogs have successfully mated.

If the male and female dogs don’t live together, you will need to give them the opportunity to get to know each other prior to breeding, so that they are already accustomed to one another on the day that you attempt to mate them.

Otherwise, they may become aggressive with each other and refuse to mate.

You should place the two dogs in a quiet, confined area that is private and free from distractions so that they remain calm.

4. When dogs are stressed and agitated, they may decline to mate with one another. Since unneutered male dogs can be extremely territorial, you may wish to mate the two dogs at the male’s home.

Although mating is a natural instinct, if this is the first time breeding a younger male dog, you may need to guide him through the process, but try to limit your assistance as much as possible.

You’ll need to be patient and let the two dogs mate when they are ready to. Even if you’re eager to have puppies produced, you can’t force the process along.

Afterward, give the female some time to be alone and try to prevent her from urinating.

You will also need to monitor the male dog to ensure that his penis properly retracts to avoid future health issues or infertility.

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