Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth


Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

When it comes to managing dental health, just like us, our pets need to follow a regular oral care routine all the time. The best oral hygiene care you can offer your dog is to brush his teeth as often as possible, however, the best dog dental chews offer an excellent way to brush up for dogs, especially for dogs that won’t let people come near without a struggle.

On top of tooth brushing and regular cleanings, dental chews offer a great way to keep your dog’s whites in the best shape. But there are so many options in the market, which makes it difficult to chose one. So you’ll discover the best edible chews that your dog will love and the features to consider when choosing them.


Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Dental Chew

There are a few important features a dog dental chew should have. Here are some things to consider when selecting your dog’s dental chew:

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  • Edible vs. Non-edible : Dental chews are of two kinds, which are edible and non-edible dental chews. Edible dental chews are those with tooth-cleaning properties while non-edible dental chews are those that are specially designed to clean the teeth as your dog gnaws on them. Chose the one your dog gets on with the most or use both if you want that extra punch.
  • Cleaning Power : While a dog dental chew might keep a canine’s teeth clean, does it really deliver? All dental chews are not as effective, so it would do a world of good reading reviews from people who have given them to their dogs, to see if they have the right cleaning power.

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  • Flavor and Palatability : If your dog avoids a dental chew because it has a bad taste, there’s no way it can do anything to clean his teeth. The canine dental chew you chose should be palatable to most dogs or comes in a flavor your dog loves. While this applies to edible dental chews mostly, some non-edible models are infused with flavor that encourages dogs to chew them more.
  • Size : Ensure the dog dental chew you chose is of the correct size for your four-legged friend. If it’s too big, your dog will find it hard to wrap its mouth around it. Too small and it poses a choking hazard for your canine friend.
  • Durability : One thing to look out for in choosing a non-edible dental chew for a dog is its durability. Ensure it is strong enough for your pooch. If it lacks durability, your dog can easily bite off large chunks, which can be dangerous.

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