Best food for your pet birds


Best food for your pet birds

Whether you’ve owned birds before or you’re a completely new bird owner, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with your pet’s dietary needs. If you want your feathered companion to have a long life, a happy disposition and gorgeous, glossy feathers, then try and take these pet bird diet tips on board!

The best diet for your pet bird is not made up of only pellets and birdseed, to provide your bird with all the nutrients it needs, you need to make sure you’re offering a mixture of seeds, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables.



If your pet bird was living in the wild, it would have access to a huge range of grasses, fruits, flowers and seeds, but as a house dwelling bird, it relies on you to provide all the food it needs! Spending some time getting the base components of your pet bird’s diet right is the best way to make sure your bird is getting everything he or she needs.

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When choosing a base for your pet bird’s diet, you need to consider the following:


This is what your bird will eat every day – make sure it’s interesting.

This is what your bird will eat the most of – make sure it’s nutritionally balanced and complete.

The best base for your bird’s diet should be a mixture of clean seeds and pellets packed with nutrition. You can use our Caged and Aviary Pick & Mix to find out which of our bird seeds your pet birds likes the most!

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Many of the seeds in our Caged & Aviary seed mixes are grown on our very own farm. We offer premium food that has an ideal balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat as well as vitamins and minerals. Our birdseed is kept free of dust. dirt, respiratory pathogens and toxins, and is expertly cleaned to minimise the risk of infections.

Other bird food companies don’t clean their seeds, usually, because they don’t have the expertise and but also because they want to sell their product cheaply.


While bird seed and pellets provide a good base diet for your pet birds, incorporating some yummy fruit and vegetables as snacks and treats are very important too! Green and orange foods are the best, but your pet birds are likely to enjoy:





Brussels sprouts


And many more! Make sure your fruits and veggies are fresh and clean before giving them to your bird and don’t leave fresh produce in their cage for too long. Fruits and vegetables will turn bad and potentially make your bird ill if they’re left out for too long.

Although it might be tempting to offer your pet bird some of your ‘human food’, their diets cannot include anything too salty, too fatty or too sugary. All of these things can make your bird really sick because birds aren’t designed to digest and process these types of food. Try and stick to snacks that are formulated for birds.

We hope this shines a light on the building blocks of the best diet for your pet birds. Keep it healthy, keep it nutritious, keep it clean and your pet birds will be happier than ever!

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