7 assets that will make you rich.


7 assets that will make you rich.

Just working as a job will never make you rich so you need to own assets. The assets which will work on your behalf yourself without involving yourself.

Asset: Anything which creates wealth and value for you without your involvement.


#1. Stocks.

Like stocks, you are buying the ownership in a company. By buying the stocks you don’t have to work in the company but the money you invested in the company is working for you.

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It’s like you have the money and you want to start the business in the paints industry, you lent your money to the Asian paints and now your money is used by the company in your desired industry to generate more money.


Remember that stocks are volatile, they fluctuate in no time but over a period of time, you can notice a remarkable return on your amount. It’s like investing 100$ 5 years ago and now that is worth 500$ after 5 years.


What company is best to invest in stocks? Everyone is not well researched right.

Which company will give the best returns upon investments?

How much of my money should I put into which company?

Don’t worry your answer is in our asset #2

#2. Portfolio of stocks.

The most beginner-friendly investment ever. Play safe and earn more

You don’t need to research well you are investing on the basis of your thesis. You don’t know which company is best in India to invest but you are damn sure that the country has potential.

In that portfolio, some companies will perform extraordinarily and some will be at a loss but the total sum would be more likely to give you a profit. You can invest your money by consulting a mutual funds organization that can invest your money in a portfolio of stocks.

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Read the para first and then name the asset.

People think that if they have money so they are rich. To stay rich what they do is keep their money in the bank account in the form of FD (Fixed Deposits) and ignore INFLATION.

If your money is stored in the bank account for a year, after a year that money loses its value by 6% because the inflation is increased by 6%. The things which you can buy for 100$ a year ago, now you have to spend 106$ to buy the same things. In a period of 12 years, your money would be devalued as 50%.

God forbids there would be an economic crisis so the value is much more devalued as more currency notes have to be printed.

#3. So our third asset is crypto.

If you just focus on Bitcoin and Etherium so after 5 years the value of crypto would be increased. The asset which will be raised in the value in the future as 5 years ago if you have invested 100$ it would now be worth 3400$

#4. Commodities

Gold and silver, the notes to be printed were first directly proportional to the amount of gold a country has but that system was closed in 1970. There fore it won’t be called a brilliant investment but a safer and sensible investment.

Buy digital gold and invest about 5–10% of your income portfolio in buying commodities.

#5. Real Estate

Real estate only becomes an asset if it generates an income else it would be counted as a liability in my opinion.

Commercial real estate is the best way to invest your money in but remember you need to have that amount of capital to invest in real estate.

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#6. Create your own product and sell it

Build intellectual properties. If you make youtube videos, you will make one but that will generate an income while you sleep and while you are not working on that videos.

If you are a graphic designer you may sell your digital artworks if you are a video editor you may sell your editing skills and generate income out of that intellectual asset.

You created songs, music NFT, whatever you do if you create once and sell it so you can create the income out of it for the rest of your life.

#7. Investing in own yourself.

The investment in yourself always gives you the best returns. You should spend in buying books rather than spending it on Saturday nights. You don’t know that any book you read can change your life. So start investing in yourself.

The money you have is a different thing, the money working for you is totally a different thing.


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