Getting Comfortable with Charging More


Getting Comfortable with Charging More

The most important thing is not that you’ll be getting more money.

The marketing course I’m attending and the books on marketing I’m reading all agree on one thing: “Charge more, not less!”


Even though it’s uncomfortable (I default to doing stuff for free), I’m slowly getting it.

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My 3 observations:

#1. When you’re charging more, you will need to do less work to cover your costs.

When a client pays you for one day of work the same as another would pay for five days — you will be less overworked and will likely perform better on the one day.

#2. People see a direct relationship between value and price.

They will say they enjoy the more expensive bottle of wine more than the cheaper one.

Even if in reality, the wine in both bottles is the same and the only difference is in the price tag.

#3. And this is the least advertised, but most important:

“Anyone can raise their prices, but only a select few can charge these rates and get people to say yes.” — AlexHormozi

What do you need to do to get people to say yes?

Asking for more will force you to ask yourself: “How I can get so good to have people happily pay me for this?”

When you’re doing “work for free,” it’s like a hobby.

When you go inline skating to a park on a Saturday afternoon, you will focus on enjoying yourself.

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But if someone pays you EUR 10,000 for a 30-minute inline skating performance? You will likely ask yourself: “How am I going to make it worth all that money to them?”

Note: Replace “inline skating” with whatever other hobby is more relevant to you.

This way, charging more will push you to drastically improve your offer. And that’s great, even if you don’t care about the money!


Charging more may be uncomfortable. But it will:

Make you work less to cover your costs

Increase the value of your service to your customers

Push you to understand what your customer values and improve your offer

Try it the next time you’re asked: “How much?”


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