Don’t Work For Money, Instead, Work to Be Known (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


Don’t Work For Money, Instead, Work to Be Known (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Fame translates to riches these days

The fastest business model online today is to become famous for something and then sell stuff to people who care about that thing. Oftentimes people ask me, “David, if you are rich why do you keep writing on Medium”. Well, there are several reasons. But the main one is that I am writing to be known. I am not writing to earn.


People can’t give you what belongs to you that is in their care if they don’t know you

And the opportunities you need today are in the hands of someone. Think about that. A successful real estate businessman was asked why he does a lot of video content. And his reply was this, “I am not trying to be liked, I am trying to be known”.

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I find it interesting that people would write comments that they are just discovering an influencer for the first time. Meanwhile, that influencer has made thousands of pieces of content and has millions of followers. But every day, someone new is discovering them for the first time. Think about that.


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Never Work for Money

The moment you start your life by working for money, you sabotage yourself without knowing it. The whole premise of my first book is not to work for money. And instead, to go where the money is and figure out how things work.

Don’t look for the best-paying job (especially when you are just getting started). Instead, look for the job that grants you access. You need access to the details and nitty-gritty of whatever industry you have decided to participate in.

Until you understand that, your goals will be trash. You will achieve your goal and it will look like you failed. The higher you keep going on that career ladder, the more miserable success will taste. And that is because you did not prioritize figuring things out at the onset.

But after you have figured things out, that doesn’t mean you should go for the money next. If you can, you should absolutely go for it. However, if you find the cards stacked so much against you, you advance your game.

Build a Brand, Not a Career

If you ask most people what their plan is when they retire, you would be surprised. 70% of Americans plan to continue working after reaching retirement age. So, if the new retirement is work, then how well will your career help?

At the retirement age, of course, you would have some good experience on your belt. However, there will be the excuse of “you are too old”.

Someone once spoke of his career saying that everyone was telling him that he was too young (as he got started in his 20s). But after several years, they started telling him he was too old. He never for once heard that he was the right age. It was “too young” initially and all of a sudden it switched to “too old”.

If what you have to offer is hinged solely on the achievements of your career, it would be easy to get the “too old” excuse. But if you built a brand, every excuse fails.

Your personal brand is your most valuable currency for the future. And the thing is that you don’t have to build a brand at the expense of your career. You can build a brand side-by-side with your career, especially if you have a great career.

It cost little or no effort to build a brand alongside your career. Your career can be tarnished and people can try to steal away your career achievements. But your brand will always be yours.

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The Leverage of Visibility

To work to be known is to build a brand. And the highest-paid people in the world are paid for who they are, not what they have.

The highest-paid people are not even paid for what they know. Virtually everything that is to know is available online for free if you can search well enough. But when you have built a reputation for something, you don’t need to prove your worth to anyone before they pay you what you want.

You may not like the idea of being famous. But as the middle class gets smaller, you may not have much of a choice if you don’t want to fall into poverty. No job is secure. You can be back at ground zero at any time. But those who have a brand never have to start from zero.

It doesn’t matter how successful your career was. It doesn’t matter how robust your experience is. If nobody knows you, it is going to be hard to find momentum forward, especially if you are faced with a huge setback.

Make yourself visible. Make it a priority. Nobody will do it for you.

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How Opportunities Come

It is the people that know you that bring things to you. When people who don’t know you bring things to you, they are probably things that are not worthy of your attention. And you have no right to be mad at them if you are not visible.

People bring opportunities to you when they see what you have done. Not when they see what you can do. If you want multiple sources of income, you have to create channels for them. People bring you things when they know you for something.

I have gotten countless opportunities through writing. And they keep coming, even though I agree to only very few. And I will continue to write, not because of any direct payments but to stay visible and open to opportunities.

Work to be known.


If you have a good 9–5 job, your 5–9 should be about building your personal brand. Build it before you need it. This is because it takes time to build a brand. Don’t start building it the day you need it.


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