If You Want To Be A Millionaire, You Must First Fix These 4 Things


If You Want To Be A Millionaire, You Must First Fix These 4 Things

To create the life you want to achieve, you must start fixing what you currently have.

“All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas; not money.”


— Robert Collier

Everyone wants to achieve wealth. However, not everyone has the ability to start working correctly on their finances.

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Before the pandemic, I only had a full-time job. I believed that the only way to earn more money and save for my dreams was to get a better job or start a business. However, later on, I realized that not even the best job or company is enough if you don’t know how to prepare yourself to be a millionaire.


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These are the four things I had to fix to start my path to wealth, which has helped me make six annual figures in the last to two years.

Fix #1: A job that lets you focus on your dreams.

If you have a full-time job right now, you probably know how much time it takes you to complete your current responsibilities and if they let you do something else after you finish.

Knowing that information, a good job will let you:

Work on your personal projects if you finish your tasks, or

Be profitable enough for you, so you don’t need anything else.

For example, Steve Adcock became a millionaire at 30 without side hustles or business, just with a high-paying career, discipline, and investments. But not all careers let you live this dream alone. For that reason, if you are not in that type of career, you should find a job that also lets you work on your dreams.

For example, my last job required me to be present and in front of a computer “in case of an emergency” the 8 hours of the day, even if nothing happened. This type of job if it’s good for paying your bills but will not let you grow in the ways you are supposed to if you want to.

However, my current job even has a “second job politic,” where they talk about how is good that you have another job or business and how you can get the most out of your time.

When you have a job that allows you to focus on your dreams, or is good enough that you can build your goals with it, then you have the first step towards becoming a millionaire.

Fix #2: A budget that lets you invest like a pro.

Even though the median salary in the United States is $51,168 per year, 51% of Americans have less than $5000 in savings (35% of them have $1000 or less).

For that reason, the other thing you must fix before you start making wealth is a budget that suits your savings, your investment needs, and your current lifestyle.

With this, I don’t mean you should stop having your daily cup of coffee every day or cancel all your memberships. Nobody has become a millionaire leaving aside habits that make them happy or canceling simple things like a $10 subscription. It’s not sustainable over time, and you need money for recreation, or you will see your savings as punishment.

A perfect budget will pay your bills, have a little fun, and allow you to save whatever amount you set.

What you must take into account is that the amount of money you decide to save must be fixed and non-negotiable, so it must be an amount that you are comfortable with and allows you to do everything you are used to now. Later, when you start loving investments, you will find a way to make more for them.

Fix #3: An investment portfolio that lets you retire like a king.

Many people believe that becoming a millionaire requires a lot of money and time. However, it is also possible to achieve it with only $500 per month and less than an hour per week.

But for that, you must get a product that you can trust and have the necessary knowledge to invest in it. The good news is that there are thousands of articles and videos on which are the best products to invest in in the long term, so if you are willing to achieve it, you just have to look for a little information and try which one is the best for you.

For example, I decided to invest in index funds because they track America’s largest companies; for them to fail, America has to fail. Also, it has proven to give a good return historically, so I believe it is a good choice for me.

Fix #4: The proper mentality to work on your plans.

I consider this point the most important because this one will help you achieve all the others. Without the right mentality, it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect job, a good budget, or an amazing investment portfolio; you won’t achieve anything.

A correct mindset will help you invest even if you want to buy other things, work on your dreams even if you are not motivated enough, and put money on your options even if the market doesn’t have the conditions.

You create the right mentality by controlling your emotions and working on your patience.

I became a better investor when I separated my emotions from my financial strategy and realized that it was not necessary to achieve my goals. Emotions only work when you are building social skills, not wealth. Objective analysis and decision-making are what will help you earn money.

Patience is also essential because it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how good you are; every financial achievement requires time to be better. You will not create an excellent passive income overnight, and you need to be ready to spend a lot of time trying to perfect it.

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Final thoughts

Becoming a millionaire is all about working smart, using your money the right way to build a good portfolio, and having the right mindset. Before you can achieve anything, you need to fix what you currently have to prepare yourself for what is coming.

I know people who say they can’t save now because they don’t have what it takes or that they can’t be rich because they don’t earn enough. All of those are excuses. If you can’t fix what you have now, you won’t be able to even if you earn ten times more because it’s a matter of desire more than anything.

CONTRIBUTED BY Desiree Peralta

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